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The Ozone sanitation cabinet provides call centres with a cost effective solution to kill all traces of contamination before it makes its way to other staff members. When an agent is off sick, the virus may still be thriving in the cushions of the headset waiting for its next ‘target’.

If one is sick, the recovery period can be slowed down by potentially and continuously “re-infecting” themselves simply by using a contaminated headset.

When Ozone sterilised, the agent can rest assured that they will not be taking home a virus simply from sharing a headset.

Ozone sanitization is the most effective form of sterilization as it is safer for the user compared with heavy chemicals like chlorine.

It also does not leave any residue so there is no drying time as there would be from soaking. The cushions can be sanitised and used immediately which cuts down ‘down time’ dramatically.

The ozone chamber will not damage any cushions even after numerous uses.
For the first time ever call centres are given the opportunity to provide their staff with a simple, cost effective solution to the safe, contamination free work environment they deserve!

Dimensions: 510mm x 360mm x 390mm
Ozone Output: 3500mg/hour
Voltage: 220V
Power: 150W


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