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Advantages of using Ozone in Hospitals.

Hospitals are supposed to be beacons of hope to the sick, injured, and hurting. And of course they are. But hospitals do not contain only the healing hands of doctors and the ameliorating effects of medicine. Hospitals also, unfortunately, host some of the most deadly germs in the world, and the sickest hospital patients are vulnerable to dying not only from their illnesses, but also from microorganisms lurking in hospitals.  In a hospital setting, the main medium of contagion by infectious diseases is the air. The patient is a carrier of bacteria that affect healthy people, and they deposit bacteria on the floor, clothing, furniture and bandages etc. Not only does this pose a health risk to staff and visitors to a hospital, but the patients themselves, whose recovery may be set back by contracting new viruses or bacterial growths. It is therefore obvious that the sterilization of the air in any hospital setting is vital to the health of the patients, staff and visitors and infection control throughout the hospital.
Sanitation and Disinfection:
Ozone is an extremely effective oxidant. It is used as a gas to disinfect and sanitize a room or area or in ozonized water as a more effective alternative to chlorine for washing down equipment, especially for killing bacterial strains which are chlorine resistant. Ozone is useful in areas where there is a risk of infectious disease or contamination or in areas with high counts of viruses in the air and water. These include TB, cholera, mortuaries and hospital laundries. Ozone is effective in completely disinfecting surgery rooms or rooms with a high level of contamination.
Ozone is the most effective method of oxidizing bacteria and viruses, it kills the organism responsible for causing unpleasant odours. It slows down the rate of decay in mortuaries and provides a more sanitary atmosphere. Ozone can also be used to deodorize any room, material or area with an odour problem. Ozone permeates clothing, linen, curtains and furniture.
Ventilation System:
Ozone used in conjunction with the ventilation conditioning systems disinfect air ducts. This prevents the spread of contagious germs and “Sick Building Syndrome” symptoms, which result from unclean air and make inhabitants vulnerable to unclean air and ill health.

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NP 400 Professional Ozone Generator

npprofThe Natripure Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator is the ideal answer for eliminating odours and purifying the air. It can be used in any area of the home or office space. This unit is fixed to the wall, allowing an out of the way placement and a secure placement.

The Multi-Purpose Ozone Generator eliminates bacteria, odour, gasses, fungus spores and mould. It has an extended coverage up to 120m².

This unit helps reduce "sick building syndrome", a common problem in offices and call centres where air conditioning system re-circulate germs and bacteria.

This ozone unit is particularly effective in the eradication of odours and germs in public restrooms and common areas.

*Do not use spray cleaners, water or detergents to clean the internal parts.

Dimensions 260 (length) x 130 (wide) x 60 (deep)
Voltage: 220V
Power: 14W
Ozone Output: 300-400mg/h
Area effectiveness: 80-120 m²
Pump Output: 3,5L/min
Noise: <35db Warranty: 12 months Features:
Microprocessor ozone release control
Service time maintenance
Filter control
Wall mounted
Stainless steel housing

*Filters need to be replaced approximately every 3 months at R45.00 ex vat

As the design is custom made, we have the ability to program the unit to any specification, altering the ozone output levels.



The Natripure Shock Treatment is ideal for use in car air conditioning systems, hotel sanitization, car valets and any closed environment. It kills bacteria, removes damp and paint smells, cigarette smells and provides a shock clean. As this unit is stronger than most, it is recommended to only use the shock treatment unit in a closed environment, as the levels are higher than the home use models.

This unit is available in a 400mg/h unit or for a stronger shock treatment, 3000mg/h.

Product specification


Size 200mm x 200mm x 80mm
Material Metal (powder coated)
Power supply Mains 220VAC
Controller Custom designed microcontroller
Ozone Output 400mg/h or 3000mg/h

Pressing the “Go” button will run the Ozone sanitization process automatically for 20 minutes. Once complete, the unit will switch off and a cycle complete buzzer will Sound for 2 seconds.

The unit will incorporate a cycle counter that will alert the user when the filters and ozone element should be changed.
Note: The filter will need to be replaced after approximately 4 to 6 months of operation and the Ozone tube approximately on a yearly basis.

Sanitization cost:

The approximate cost of an ozone treatment is R2.50 per cycle.
As the design is custom made, we have the ability to program the unit to any specification, altering the ozone output levels.