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The Natripure Shock Treatment is ideal for use in car air conditioning systems, hotel sanitization, car valets and any closed environment. It kills bacteria, removes damp and paint smells, cigarette smells and provides a shock clean. As this unit is stronger than most, it is recommended to only use the shock treatment unit in a closed environment, as the levels are higher than the home use models.

This unit is available in a 400mg/h unit or for a stronger shock treatment, 3000mg/h.

Product specification



200mm x 200mm x 80mm


Metal (powder coated)

Power supply

Mains 220VAC


Custom designed microcontroller

Ozone Output

400mg/h or 3000mg/h


Pressing the “Go” button will run the Ozone sanitization process automatically for 20 minutes. Once complete, the unit will switch off and a cycle complete buzzer will Sound for 2 seconds.


The unit will incorporate a cycle counter that will alert the user when the filters and ozone element should be changed.

Note: The filter will need to be replaced after approximately 4 to 6 months of operation and the Ozone tube approximately on a yearly basis.

Sanitization cost:

The approximate cost of an ozone treatment is R2.50 per cycle.

As the design is custom made, we have the ability to program the unit to any specification, altering the ozone output levels.