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Advantages of using Ozone in Fruit, Vegetable & Meat Storage.

Air-borne microbiological control:
Microbial Control:
Surface sanitation:
Odour Control:
Low levels of ozone will inhibit microbiological growth in the air. High levels of ozone can be used to disinfect the room when it is empty.
Airborne and surface broad spectrum microbial control is of the main benefits of using gaseous ozone. Leads to a reduction of product spoilage, which extends storage life. Ozone is used for fungal spore elimination in storage rooms.
The surface can be maintained by inhibiting microbiological growth pathogens on the surface of the produce, containers and walls will be kept to a minimum. Eliminates mould growth from cold storage areas.
Maintains an odour-free cold storage area. Keeps odours from cross contaminating between products. Removes Ethylene.
Extends shelf life of the produce within the cold storage facility. Reduces pre-wash residues such as pesticides and chlorine. Ozone-enriched water leaves no chemical residue on your product.